Liv Moon – Golden Moon

Final verdict: 85/100
Recommended song: Inochi no Mori
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Liv Moon is a symphonic power metal band from Tokyo, Japan. What attracted me most in this band, was the voice of Akane Liv. She is an opera singer with an enormous power in her voice, and not only capable of singing opera style but also the more rocky parts. I can’t really find a bio of this band, but I can find more info on this awesome vocalist. Akane started her journey as a performer on Takarazuka music school. She went to England to learn how to sing better, and she won a prize for Singer of the Year at Beckenham festival. After this, she got a lot of attention and when she met producer Tatsuya Nishiwaki the band Liv Moon was formed.

I have to say that I didn’t know what to expect from this band when I heard the first song Shi No Butou – Dias Irae. It starts of with a freaky piano and synth intro, sounding like a soundtrack to a real dark Japanese horror movie. When the drums kick in I’d expect this to be a dark black metal song … and then you hear Akane crying out loud. From that moment on the song changes into a more melodic death metal thingy. Akane creates a real interesting vocal line, doing things you wouldn’t expect and with her crystal clear voice she cuts through the music like a knife. What a voice!!! The music is equally interesting by the way, there’s a great guitar solo in the middle of the song, it’s really well written and sounds more like a prog epic than some cheesy power metal band. The music is real heavy and layered, and each time you listen to it, you hear another riff you’ve missed before.

After this really epic intro song, I wonder what more they’ve put on the album. Say goodbye starts just as epic, and then turns into more of a power metal song. There’s also some folky influences in the music (which is strange for a band from Tokyo). Akane shows us in this song that’s she can do more than just squeal opera vocals. The chorus to this song is really strong, and I’d wish I could understand Japanse so I could sing along.

Black Ruby starts of like a classical music piece, and then turns into death metal. \m/ Love it! It’s really aggressive and heavy! Even when Akane’s in the low registers of her voice she still manage to rise above the music. This is a melodic death metal song in the end, after all. Sounding a bit like Children of Bodom though it’s a lot more interesting because of the vocals lines and the fact that it’s in Japanse instead of English.

Dance with a ghost starts with a bass riff that isn’t too intersing. The song has a bit of a industrial and poppy feel to it, like Marilyn Manson meets Spice Girls. In this song Akane gets to use her full register and that makes for interesting vocal iines. The chorus to the song is so happy and well written that it will stay in your head for weeks (even though I have no clue what she sings). In fact, this would make a great songfestival song!

Of course, it’s not only epicness on this album. Yozakuran for instance is a bit of a misstep. Yozakuran sounds almost like a metalized Lady Gaga song . . . It’s not even a bad song but it’s really really poppy. It again shows us the variety of Akane’s voice, so it made me wonder if the album is build around her voice instead of creating a great album.

The lost fortress is an instrumental interlude of about 1 minute, sounding a bit dreamy. After the interlude the piano intro leads us to Dellacroix no Megami. Again this song turns into a bit of a industrial song (which is probably the strong point of asian music) but that’s likely caused by the drums being electronic. It gets a bit heavier for the chorus and prechorus but still has the industrial feel. It’s more power metal in the chorus though, sounding like Tobias Sammeth’s Avantasia.
Fly is even more Industrial from the intro on, though the guitar riff is more heavy and traditional. Again, when we get to the chorus it is classic power metal ^^ .

Only a few songs left. My favorite song on the album is without doubt inochi no mori. I totally love this chorus, really emotional and classic power metal. Love it ^^

Final verdict: 85/100
Love this new band! Akane Liv is a awesome vocalist. Even though this band might be created around her, it is awesome music and totally worth listening to!

Akane Liv Vocals
Akitoshi Kuroda Guitar
Youichi “Cheesey” Éhirose Bass
Tatsuya Nishiwaki Keyboards
Kozo Suganuma Drums

Shi no butou – Dias Irae
Say Goodbye
Not Game!
Black Ruby
Dance with a ghost
The lost fortress (interlude)
Delacroix no megami
Ballerina symphony
Shizuka na kiseki
Inochi no mori
Oboreru ningyo
Amarantos no tsubasa


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